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Airless Tire

Pneumatic Tire Performance? 220 million Flat tires US each year. Unacceptable


Never Underestimate the Power of the Vacuum

Simple inflation Install...Relieve Air, Vacuum Charge to tune




  • One application...Balance irregular bicycle pedal stroke.

Elastic tension radially suspends hoop about wheel.



Opposing Bellows generate high frequency in wheel suspension.
Screw force accumulation / return benefits drive train efficiency.
Throttle response generates "hub lift" for lever effect.

"Freedom of movement" expressed as elastic potential.

ERW Spans...Tires Seek the Bottom...Efficiency, True Tracking.



High Frequency Response...Millisecond 
Response rate of pneumatic tires measured in seconds.
ERW milliseconds. 
No Pneumatic Tire can Keep Pace













"Hub Displacement and Screw Force". "Rebound Response" to Resistance...Plus for the first time in history... % "Wind Resistance". Linear displacement returned as forward surge.





  • Screw Force Accumulation and Return 16% - 22% increase in drive train efficiency.


  • Conservation of angular momentum increases with speed.

ERW Patents

Energy return wheel systems and methods 

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Britek Goals

 Colorado Manufacture
Produce low price point ERW
Replace only what is worn with #renewables. Replace-Able Treads
Increase existing fleet fuel efficiency.
End flat tires.
Reduce rubber in air, water and streets.

  Specific application funding opportunities.       



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