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SLING SHOT 26" MTB Carbon wheel set

SLING SHOT 26" MTB Carbon wheel set

Product description

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an even better power to weight ratio? That is just what MTB ERW promises to deliver.

ERW will free you from carring pump, patch, and tube. Ride in thorny cactus infested areas with no concern.

Screw force accumulation and return! Each pedal stroke drives off 12 X the prescriber wheel load stored as negative pressure between the wheel and hub...You stand to sprint...Zoom.

Dynamic tension between wheel and hoop generates the high frequency in wheel suspension for high speed performance.

Anti bounce, responding to surface variations in milliseconds.

Hand fabricated from the most advanced materials available
Carbon fiber, single wall nano tubes, Kevlar.
Our price: $2699.00
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